School uses optical illusion to slow drivers

by Ally

No one actually likes speed bumps, but they do have their benefits.  They at least keep people from driving too quickly in areas that they shouldn’t, but even when you’re at crawling speeds, to drive over one is quite jarring.  One Canadian school is trying out a different method to get cars to slow down.  Instead of using bumps they’re painting a 3D optical illusion of a girl crossing the street.

There are several concerns that go with this method.  Some of which being that cars will swerve off of the road or slam on their brakes to avoid injuring the girl.  My concern is that people that are from the area will just ignore it entirely and when there is a similar real life young girl they will not realize she’s real until it’s too late.  On the up side you don’t have that pesky bump that sometimes is so severe it causes cars to scrape even at the lowest speeds.

Source: Ubergizmo

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Dave Says: September 12, 2010 at 9:11 pm

I can see the fail in this just like the police cardboard cutouts that got shot at.

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