T-Mobile G2 offers HSPA+ speeds

The G1 smartphone from T-Mobile was the first Android-powered handset to hit the market, and it has been a few years already that we’ve seen far superior Android smartphones hit the market. Well, T-Mobile’s back better than ever with a sequel in the form of the G2 (with Google, of course), where it is capable of delivering 4G speeds to offer a far superior web browsing experience as well as tight integration with Google services. Taking advantage of T-Mobile‚Äôs new HSPA+ network, it will hail from HTC and will come with a generous 3.7-inch display alongside a unique hinge design which opens up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. T-Mobile customers will gain priority as they will get exclusive access to preorder the G2 from this month onwards.

To make matters all the more interesting, the T-Mobile G2 will deliver a powerful mobile data experience which will be tightly integrated with Google Voice (good news for those residing Stateside, so if you want to purchase it as a grey import elsewhere, good luck as it will be gimped in some ways), not to mention a slew of other Google applications such as Voice Actions from Google and Google Goggles amongst others. This is also one of the first smartphones in the market at the moment which will offer the new Voice Actions feature of Google Search, basically letting you control your handset using nothing but the power of your voice.

Google Voice’s goodness doesn’t end there, it can also automatically transcribe voicemails to text for you to read them like an e-mail or text message from their phone or online. Underneath the hood lies the speedy Snapdragon MSM7230 mobile processor at 800MHz and was specially optimized to deliver exceptional performance, superior battery life and leading edge multimedia and web browsing. Other hardware specifications include an HD video camera for crystal clear recording, high-definition (720p) video capability, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus. Are you looking forward to the G2?

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8 thoughts on “T-Mobile G2 offers HSPA+ speeds”

  1. I am really think of smartphones. you seen one and you’ve seen them all. none are truly different, they all do same thing and having internet on them is actually worse. Means they are acceptable to viruses where before cell phones only did one thing, make calls. I like my gadgets to do their main basic function for which they were created in the first place. It’s like creating a super gadget that does it all but the one function it was truly made for.

    It’s like having a super dooper vehicle with modern electronics and televisions monitors and GPS and inflatable seats with seat warmers and window tints that adapt to sunlight but the one purpose a car was made for is driving so it it doesn’t do that well, who gives a rat’s ass about all those other goodies.

  2. I am all for technology if it improves life and the environment but when it’s created for mere entertainment and doesn’t benefit anyone or the environment but a mere joyride type-of-gadget, that is truly a waste of time, money, technology and man power creating such a gadget to produce waste material in the making of it for simple greed to one self and pocket and in turn destroys the planet and others around us. This planet is your home, we are not going to be moving to another solar system anytime soon so be wise about the gadgets you buy and create.

    I think Albert Einstein was pretty smart but stupid at the same time. He should’ve known better than to create the automatic bomb, did he really think such a powerful creation would be used for good in a time of war? If I had his skills and brains, I would never create such a destructive force and prevent others from even coming close to create such a device.

  3. Maybe you should look up what he invented on your smart phone. Einstein didn’t invent the atom bomb, he only discovered the formula that makes it work. E=mc squared. Smart phones aren’t purely for entertainment.

  4. If ppl don’t learn to keep up with this ever changing society and technology then you will fall behind and be left clueless to the world around you. Smartphones are just the beginning of technological advances..if your sitting around waiting for the good ol fashioned flip phones to come back then your just not ready for the future. “Wise man once said “The only thing that remains constant in this universe is change…” The G2 is amazing reading and seeing what it’s capable of doing. Good luck to all the other mobile carriers…you got some work to do to catch this piece of history!

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