Pioneer has just announced a new speaker range

Pioneer Electronics has a spanking new line up of speakers for home theater and music reproduction buffs, where they were specially designed from the ground up thanks to Pioneer USA’s chief speaker engineer, Andrew Jones. The new line will come with bookshelf (SP-BS21-LR, SP-BS41-LR), floorstanding (SP-FS51-LR) and center channel (SP-C21) speakers alongside a subwoofer (SW-8), where all of them were specially engineered to deliver exceptional audio performance, regardless of whether it is used as a two channel music system or a full 7.1 channel home theater system.

The whole Home Theater and Music Speaker line will make full use of radio frequency bonded, curved cabinets that will deliver a distinct cosmetic look as well as a stiffer and stronger structure, which ultimately results in better sound reproduction thanks to reduced cabinet resonance. You won’t find cheap stuff in there – we’re talking about quality components within and without, where each speaker uses flush mounted grills for individual drivers instead of a single grill for the whole front portion of the cabinet. Cloth also has no role to play here, since the speaker grills themselves are made out of metal for superior protection. As for the grills themselves, it is like a BMW – adding to the overall cosmetic appeal of the speaker.

In order to introduce improved sound quality, Pioneer’s new speaker series will rely on a sophisticated multi-component crossover which can achieve a more accurate frequency division as well as a more precise re-creation of sound. All speakers within its line will also come with gold-plated 5-way binding posts that deliver superior conductivity and flexible connection methods. Depending on which model you decide to bring home today, Pioneer’s latest Home Theater and Music Speaker line will retail anywhere from $79 all the way to $199 – nothing that will break the bank, really, and yet it will greatly enhance what your home can offer in terms of entertainment.

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