Guard Dog for your working desk


Do you love maintaining your personal space and jealously guard it as though it is the elixir of life itself? The Guard Dog which is USB-powered might just do the trick then – after all, it will growl menacingly at anyone who ventures too close to your cubicle for comfort. This is made possible thanks to a built-in motion sensor which will alert the Guard Dog to intruders, and unlike your average pooch that might be tempted by a poisoned piece of meat, this one won’t accept treats of any kind albeit living up to the adage that his bark is worse than his bite! You can choose to have the Guard Dog run off USB power (great during office hours) or battery (if you’re elsewhere away from a computer). Nice to know that it will already ship with a trio of AA batteries to help you get started right out of the box. The price to pay might be a wee bit steep for most people though – we’re talking about $79 here.

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