Bag or Bike: The Electric Bike that is also a cart

It is very common in the technological world to see one item that can be changed into another. Belgian designer Natacha Lesty has given us an interesting multi-use creation with the “Bag or Bike”.

I’m not certain whether “Bag or Bike” is the product’s actual name, but despite any fancy name, it is downright useful.

First of all, it is a unique electric bike. I don’t really think that I have ever used an electric bike, but my Source says that it cuts down on your carbon footprint. That is really starting to become an environmental buzzword, isn’t it? Second of all, after you ride your electric bike to someplace, like the grocery mart, you can change it into a cart, or, as my Source says, “a trolley case”.

So someone has finally figured out a way to bike to the store and take back a lot of groceries with you. I remember that I did this once. Yes, I was dumb enough to ride a bike to the store to get groceries and didn’t realize that I can’t take a bunch of bags back with me on a bike. Guess when I realized this fact. That’s right, after I had bought five bags full of groceries.

This Bag or Bike is apparently in the concept stage for now, so it will be a long time before we’ll be seeing this on the streets or sidewalks.


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  1. Doctor Who has been around since 1963. The fans refer to themselves as “Whovians”. I hope the author’s of this site will spend just a few minutes doing simple homework before publishing.

    • Thanks Erik – good to see you pore through our pages with a finely toothed comb 🙂 It definitely goes a long way in helping us improve 🙂 Cheers!

      I do think that you posted your comment concerning a different post though, since the Bag or Bike has no mention of Dr. Who? 🙂

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