Power Plug Concept Cover for little fingers

by Ally

The idea that your house could ever be completely childproof is a bit of a pipe dream.  Sure, you can make it a whole lot safer, but there are always things you never would have thought could cause an injury.  The idea is to keep those injuries minimal and try to make them happen as little as possible.  One area that hasn’t been taken care of is when a metal plug slightly slips from a socket, leaving the metal exposed to curious fingers.

I have never been worried that I’d shock myself on those metal pieces, but then I’m a full grown adult that knows to grab the plastic part.  Little kids haven’t always learned that and until they do, you might want something to make you worry less.  This blue cover will keep the metal covered whether it’s plugged in or not.  If the plug slips a little, the plastic will shift to cover it.  It’s just a concept right now by Luofang Jun, but I could easily see these hitting stores as just simple little adapter for your current plugs.

Source: Ubergizmo

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