Feline Evolution CatSeat

I have occasionally come across a video of a cat or dog actually using the toilet.  However, I can’t actually say that I’ve ever known anyone personally that has succeeded at the task.  It seems more likely that you could get a dog to do it, just because I can’t say that I’ve ever managed to get a cat to do half of what a dog is willing to do to please their owner.  However, this handy little seat is designed purely to make your cat go inside of the toilet instead of forcing you to clean a litter box.

Just mount this seat directly to your toilet to get the process started.  Actually, if you want to take the process extra slow, you can start out by placing the box on the floor and then attaching it to the toilet later.  This comes with 30 disposable plastic bags.  The design of the seat keeps your cat from tracking kitty litter and the other substances that lie within it all throughout the house.  You can purchase one for $95.99 through Petco.

Source: Bookofjoe

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  1. I am from Singapore. I ordered the cat seat in June 2009 and paid for it through PayPay. I then got an email from Evolution asking me to pay USD68 for postage, (the cat seat itself cost $69.95). After some negotiation, the postage was reduced to $39.00. All in all, it cost $108.00.

    I then got an email from Amanda Goggin (agoggin@catseat.com) informing me that the item was shipped out on 26 Jun. On 23 Jul, when I did not receive the item, I emailed Amanda, who promised to send out another one. The second promised item again did not arrive, and Amanda did not respond to any emails.

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