This could be what 2014 is like

You should take a few minutes to watch this video by TAT. Honestly, I have never heard of TAT, but “TAT’s technology powers 470+ million devices, in more than 15 percent of all new phones in 2010 and 20 percent of all touch phones. TAT’s technology also powers DTVs, STBs, car clusters and tablets”.

This video, which shows the future of touchscreen technology, shows us “a normal day in 2014”. In all honesty, I am not certain that we will be this advanced by then.

I mean, just watch this video after the jump. In four years, I’m pretty certain that we’ll be able to shut off the alarm clocks on our mobile phones by waving, but I’m not certain whether they will have stretchable touchscreens.

I’m also not certain about the the desktops. They are transparent screens that are at least 27 inches from diagonal to diagonal. Will we be able to turn an image around backwards so someone on the other side of the screen can see it?

Then there is the whole sharing from screen to screen. Sure, we can do wireless transfers of files from one mobile to the other, but not like what you see here.

So, is this view of the future too optimistic? I’ll let you decide that. Better yet, Bookmark this article now and promise to read it in 2014, and we’ll see how right these TAT people are.