Bowei Building Blocks

by Mark R

We have reported on a lot of terrific building blocks in the past, such as glow-in-the-dark Bloxels, the wood and magnetic Tegu, and all sorts of things that are Lego.

Just to let you know, these are not Lego. As a part-time Lego-maniac, I had a set that was a Battletrooper from Star Wars Episode I, and it was full of all sorts of Technic pieces that seem to shun the traditional square and rectangular pieces with bumps.

This is the Bowei, and it has similar pieces that I have mentioned to the aforementioned Lego robot kit. As you can see, Bowei makes some serious robot mecha that look straight out of a Japanese anime cartoon like Robotech.

This modular toy is probably not recommended for younger children. Some recent reviews have shown that the instructions seem to complex, but adults might want to try their hand at it.

I suppose that you could give this to kids and have them try it out. You might be surprised what they can do. I wonder if they could play with these robots like they would other robot toys. They look durable enough.

My Source doesn’t seem to have any information about where to purchase this guy, or how much it costs. Could it compete with Lego? Well, as much as I like them, I think Lego needs to have some friendly competition more than Mega Blocks.


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pizux Says: December 13, 2010 at 9:29 am

well don’t buy those rubish this is a nasty chinese copy of japanese asoblock : and be aware that it fit very great for children , mine is 5 years old and it’s amazing what he have done with thoses building block !

best regards

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