DivX and Yamaha team up for new DivX Plus HD Certified Blu-ray Disc Players


Both DivX and Yamaha have come together to reveal a new range of DivX Plus HD Certified Blu-ray Disc Players for the masses – bringing added functionality to what was originally a mere Blu-ray Disc Player. This happened at the IFA 2010 show in Berlin, Germany, where they not only handle the latest Blu-ray movies, but are also stereoscopic 3D capable to keep up with the times and usher in a new age of visuals. You will be ensured that stunning playback of full 1080p DivX Plus HD video can be achieved using the MKV container in these new Blu-ray players.

In Yamaha’s new line of Blu-ray players, as mentioned earlier they are not only 3D-ready, but will also boast universal playback (BD, SA-CD, DVD-Audio/Video, CD) for a variety of media and formats. Interested people will be able to pick up the BD-S1067 in Europe, although those who are living across the pond won’t miss out on anything as Yamaha intends to launch additional DivX HD Certified Blu-ray player models in North America, apart from Oceania and other parts of the world as well. The inclusion of DivX Plus HD technology allows such Blu-ray players to empower consumers to enjoy their personal and Internet video collections in the DivX format straight on their HDTVs without missing a beat. After all, DivX makes it a snap to load and playback digital videos up to 1080p and Hollywood movies in the hugely popular DivX format.

For those who are wondering what DivX Plus HD Certification is about, it is the premium level of certification available from DivX, where it has been specially optimized for consumer electronics products while supporting the playback of all content created with DivX software. DivX Plus HD Certified devices are more than capable of playing back all previous versions of DivX video and DivX Plus HD video files as long as they are in the .mkv file extension while sporting AAC audio created with third-party tools. No idea on pricing just yet, but we’ll probably get a beep from Yamaha down the road.

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