Philips want you to have your cake and eat it, too

In this case, it won’t be cake, but french fries. Everyone knows that a basket of freshly cooked fries are superb to the palate, but they certainly aren’t the healthiest food to have if you’re trying to do something about your health. Philip’s Airfryer is different, however, as it requires “little or no oil” in order to perfectly cook a bunch of delicious golden french fries. Sounds impossible? Well, Philips must have taken Adidas’ slogan to heart, ensuring that impossible is nothing in this case. Having been unveiled at IFA, the Airfryer will be able to cook certain foods with just a touch of oil, although which food can be ‘fried’ oil-free have not been revealed yet as well as its methodology. We’re looking at the use of “Rapid Air technology to circulate hot air around a grill component, creating delicious meals with up to 80% less fat” according to Philips.

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