Nerf Stampede ECS Blaster


In war, the person with the biggest gun or weapon doesn’t necessarily emerge as the victor, but having one in your possession will surely give your side a psychological boost although it might end up as a liability. Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure that most folks won’t mind having the Nerf Stampede ECS Blaster as part of their arsenal when it comes to Nerf gun fights. This £49.99 purchase is worth every cent, since it will be a fully-automatic, clip-fed weapon that will send your fellow Nerfers running for cover the moment it unleashes a torrent of relentless Nerf that makes the Nemesis project from Resident Evil look like a sad little puppy. You can use a 6 dart rapid reload clip, and the Stampede will come with a trio of 18 dart clips. Not only that, defense is also important since it will come with a blast shield that offers protection from incoming fire and a pop-out detachable bipod that doubles up as a handle.

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StampedeisNice Says: December 25, 2010 at 10:05 pm

The only things not so great is the bullets per second.Also for god knows what 18 bullets per clip max.

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