Welcome to the Dollhouse (actually, it’s a real house)

by Mark R

I realize that this certainly looks like a real dollhouse. After all, it has no outside wall on one side, and has pastel colored wallpaper.

This is actually an old farm house on the Canadian tundra, and it has been artistically remade so the whole north facade was torn out, and replaced with plexiglass.

Apparently, the artist/builder Heather Benning loved this old farm house and preserve it in its original condition.

After all, if you live out in the country, then you know that there is never a shortage of old, dilapidated farm houses on the plain. In all honesty, I am glad that Ms. Benning got to fixing up this barn before it falls over.

I didn’t think that this was a doll’s house when I first saw this thing, but I actually thought that it was one of those houses like the Big Brother Concept house.

That is, some sort of giant-sized place where everyone can see what you are doing, and you have absolutely no privacy. I suppose it would be terrific for filming a reality show like Big Brother. You would probably only need one camera and one of those crane mounts. You might want to put mics all over the place for the sound.


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