Virtual Mirror for augmented reality cosmetics

We have reported on a lot of interesting tech that begins with the mirror, such as the interactive Magic Mirror. This system called EZFace uses both mirrors and augmented reality technology.

EZFace is powered by IBM technology. Simply put, EZFace allows customers to see what makeup looks like, without having to try it on for themselves.

It begins when a customer has their picture taken in a virtual mirror, which looks like nothing more than an ordinary webcam. The customer can then scan the barcode of the specific make-up product such as foundation, mascara, and eye shadow. The program takes into account the user’s eye color, skin tone, and lighting to make an image of what the product might look when put on the face.

No more having product samplers in front of a mirror. Granted, that is probably the best way to see if make-up really works, and I don’t know what kind of margin for error this program has. After all, the program might make the cosmetics look better than they actually do. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Still, it is a step in the right direction for digital makeovers. EZFace is currently working on expanding this idea for hair. So now you can see what the style is going to look like before it is on your head for the next month or so.