Power Laces, as seen in Back to the Future II

by Mark R

I think we all know that Back to the Future II has inspired much technology that is yet to become real by the year 2015. That was the year that Marty and Doc traveled to at the beginning of the film, for those that don’t remember it.

Granted, we are closer to a hoverboard than we were before, and someone is working on “Power Laces”. Hopefully, you remember the scene in the movie when Michael J. Fox is dressing in future attire and puts his feet into some Nikes. The shoes tied themselves, by tightening the laces automatically, and the Nike logo glowed. (Clearly some obvious product placement by Nike.)

The Power Laces trick was actually done with a motor that was behind the shoe itself. However, Blake Bevin is working on a way to make Power Laces a reality.

Her first “proof of concept” designs had and obvious motor in the back, which would not fly in the real world. You can see it in the picture with the shoe that looks like it has overdosed on 80’s pastel colors. Her latest design has the motor for the laces safely in the sole. You can see that design on the left, and it looks more like the shoe from the classic film.

You can support Blake by sending her some money, and you can get some Power Laces merchandise with high donations. You will also be sent info when the shoe goes up for sale.


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