Hello Kitty Monopoly


Just when you thought that there are no more iterations of the classic Monopoly game, along comes the Hello Kitty Monopoly that will star the irritatingly cute Hello Kitty and friends, featuring 22 properties from Hello Kitty’s hometown of London. Strange, we always thought that she originated from Japan, but guess that she can be whoever she wants to be, being a global superstar diva and all that. As usual, you can opt to enjoy the game in the traditional Monopoly way, or use the 60-minute speed play option instead. At $39.99 a pop, we’re guessimg that only hardcore Monopoly players/collectors won’t mind having a go – of course, don’t rule out Hello Kitty fans either, but most of the other ordinary folk out there will probably give this a miss considering how Monopoly is still Monopoly regardless of the “skin” you see on the outside. Since this is a custom edition Monopoly, nearly every element of the game has been redesigned, ranging from Properties to Money, Houses, Hotels, Community Chest, Chance, Utilities, Railroads and Tokens.

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