Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat


Want to be some sort of mystic practitioner? Then get the Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat which supposedly helps you release inner tension while lower stress levels and hitting a sense of high in your personal well-being. Wait a minute, you say, aren’t nails really sharp and painful to lie on? Not really, it is in fact, completely painless and is touted to offer virtues in aiding relaxation, relieving you of your back and muscle pain while increasing energy levels. Oh yeah, good thing the mat itself is made out of styrofoam and plastic instead of the old school wood and iron nails. There are two versions available, one with a neck-only pillow and one without, retailing for £19.99 and £39.99, respectively. You will probably feel a strange sensation for the first few minutes, but once you’ve gotten used to it, chances are you would want to lie down longer than initially thought.

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