Steampunk Optimus Prime looks to be the bomb


We’re not too sure just how long the Transformers craze is going to last, but if you’re still into gigantic robots that decided to make our earth as their little playground, then the steampunk Optimus Prime you see here is primed (pardon the pun) to be a bestseller. Made by the Encline Design team, this steampunk model comes in an extremely detailed design, and Optimus’ vehicle mode would be the steam engine from IDW’s comic-book, Hearts of Steel. It won’t just be any model though, since it will come equipped with functional lights as well as wheels that roll, not to mention a detachable trailer which can double up as a secondary weapon just like the trailer that comes with his famouse firetruck mode. Standard red and blue colors have been mixed with relevant elements to turn this into a true blue Steampunk design, featuring gunmetal grey that delivers an adequate metallic look for its bronze smoke pipes and cannon-based gun. Guess it can get pretty expensive to delve into such a hobby seriously in the long run, eh, as there seems to be no end of collectibles in sight.

Source: Walyou

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