A way to put a USB Typewriter on your desk

by Mark R

I don’t know about you, but I suppose that this is what our computers would look like today if certain technologies did not evolve the way that they did.

It is also a very complex project that you can do at home. Granted, it requires a lot of technical know-how in order to solder the essential parts together, plus others that you will probably have to buy.

You can check on my Source if you would like to try your hand at this one. It is sort of out of my tech league.

Still, like like the idea of having a computer with a keyboard that types like an old-fashioned typewriter. I suppose that we have since abandoned the typewriter for a reason, but we took away a certain aesthetic that has now been replaced with cold and practical soft clicking keys.

This device here reminds me of the computer/typewriters seen on the futuristic businessman’s desks in the movie Brazil. Yeah, a lot of that film was a pretty bleak, but I liked how some of the technology had a sort of vintage look to it.

In other words, I wouldn’t mind having one of these on my desk, and wouldn’t mind surfing the web with it.


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