Mr. Potato Head gets a steampunk makeover

by Ally

I’m fairly sure that it was absolutely impossible to grow up and not have a small amount of love for Mr. Potato Head.  After all, you get to rip out all of his features and change his expressions.  Then if you’re feeling extra mischievous you could give him a quick sex change and turn him into Mrs. Potato Head.  If you still get a little mushy over Mr. Potato Head and love steampunk items, then this is one tutorial you shouldn’t pass up.

This little man was made using all sorts of materials.  A few of them were an X-Acto knife, a hot glue gun, some random discarded materials around the house (wire, metal piping, etc) and even some baking clay.  Sadly you can’t switch out his eyes for glasses or anything silly like that.  It’s a full 5 step process that might take a little time to pull off.  At least you have access to a handy little tutorial thanks to Instructables.

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