USB Rose Speaker with MP3 Player

Most women at least appreciate the look of a nice rose, which I suppose could be the reason that cheap gadget makers keep throwing them into their designs.  If you enjoy the plastic roses that have been tossed into past gadgets, then you might like this little rose.  It doesn’t just light up and look pretty though, this rose will play your music out loud while adding a little mood lighting to your room.

This is a small speaker that can hook up to iPods, MP3 players and any other device that you want audio from like your cellphone or PC.    In addition to that it also functions as an MP3 player itself by having a USB port and a SD/MMC card slot.  It has a built-in Lithium Ion battery to keep it powered.  Then the color lighting offers 7 different colors.  You can purchase it for $22 through USB Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts

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  1. I am constantly amazed at the different things they come up with. This looks like it could be a great present for a girl.

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