U.bo Pet Robot

Take a look at this particular Virtual Pet known as the U.bo. I’m not certain how to pronounce the toy from Taiwanese electronics company Phison, but it certainly can do a lot.

I realize that you might not be able to read the print from an image I took that was clearly larger, but let me list out the features. It has a 121 pixel LED screen that can display emotions and actions. There is some sort of “advance emotion display” as well as a “multi-touch sensing system”.

Apparently, you have to keep your U.bo fed with cookies in order to keep it in a good mood. This allows the U.bo to belch, pass gas, and do all sorts of things that Furbies can do.

It can also sing and dance, and the thing has six legs that can apparently move. The thing is remote controlled through Bluetooth, apparently by mobile phone.

Like some mobile phones, the U.bo has a has an accelerometer, so it can sense motion. You can spin your U.bo, and it will get quite “dizzy”. Also, two U.bo robots can be brought together, so they can “kiss”.

According to my Source, it will be on sale in Taiwan and Europe for about $28. No word on whether or not it will be coming to the states.