Pure System sanitizes kitchen items

Every so often you come across something online that just sets off a few red flags.  You’re constantly having small facts thrown at you in articles and through random research that you do online to settle silly debates.  Yet every so often, you get that inkling of a hint that something seems fishy.  Although I’m all about this concept design, I really doubt parts of their facts.  Either way though, having something to keep your kitchen sanitary could be handy.

“The research” showed 10 areas that were bad as far as bacteria goes, such as a sponge, dishcloth, chopping board and refrigerator.  They then go on to say that the dishcloth and cutting board are difficult to sanitize and I’d have to disagree there.  A cutting board you just have to know the right chemical to use and a dishcloth just gets thrown in the laundry.  It’s entirely possible though that they know something I don’t, but none of my quick google runs have revealed any red flags over dishcloths.    However, if you just want a different way to clean flat objects, then this is a perfectly reasonable choice.  When it’s working it feeds the object through the machine and cleans as well as dries it.  Being still a concept from Chang Shin Gwak, this isn’t up for purchase just yet though.

Source: Yanko