Have fun swimming with the crocodiles!

by Mark R

I’m sure that most of you have seen Jaws, and remember the scene where Richard Dreyfuss goes underwater in a shark cage. Yeah, it didn’t turn out well for him, but Jaws was no ordinary shark.

I suppose that is the best way to see a shark up close without getting hurt, and the same applies to crocodiles. This is the Cango Wildlife Ranch, an endangered species breeding center in Oudtshoom, South Africa, and it has a “croc cage” that must be an insurance nightmare.

Yeah, you might not want to stick your hands through the bars. It has two crocodiles swimming around that are about 14 feet long, and the Ranch doesn’t chum the waters to get the crocs to swim any closer. Yeah, I’m kind of glad they don’t do that.

My source on this one is somewhat old (two years, which is ancient in Internet time), so I’m not certain whether or not a person can still do this. According to the Source, it costs about £20 per person, and anyone under the age of 12 is not permitted. Any child 16 or younger has to have an adult with them.

So is there anyone out here who wants to try out this thing? Man, I once saw an alligator in Florida that gave me serious chills. I don’t think I would jump at the chance to try this.


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Dave Grady Says: August 31, 2010 at 9:19 pm

I was there just last month. They were charging 280 rand (roughly 40 bucks) for the opportunity. I thought they were kidding at first. Nope. I declined.

(NB: They have similarly priced offers to pet lions and tigers and cheetahs, oh my!)

Diana Says: October 30, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Im fat i live in fat world i want to be dead plaease kill me shark hahahahahahahah just kidin i luv all the bitches

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