Bluetrek Metal evolution Bluetooth headset


Looking for a Bluetooth headset for your iPhone? You can now do so with the Bluetrek Metal evolution Bluetooth headset, where it was specially designed and tuned for the iPhone 4 and 3GS models. After all, this particular model will come in a stylish brushed metallic finish on a reinforced aluminum casing which will complement the iPhone 4 as well as its predecessor, being a perfect match in silver. Not only that, Bluetrek ensures maximum compatibility with Apple’s hot selling smartphone by using a Bluetooth chipset that is from the same manufacturer as the one spotted in iPhones. You will find that the “NoiseLock™” noise cancellation technology might come in handy if you tend to be in noisy environments and yet need to carry out crystal clear conversations all the time. With the included belt clip, it will also embed a mini USB adapter to charge the headset from any standard USB compatible travel charger or car charger. How much does this puppy cost? We’re talking about $59.99, a small price to pay to fashion-coordinate your gizmos.

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