Working Nokia Steampunk Cellphone

by Ally

It would be hard to overlook the numerous steampunk gadgets that people have built and sold.  However, I can’t say that I’ve come across anyone that has as many and as broad of a collection as Ivan Mavrovic.  His features everything from a pen disguised as a gun, to toothbrushes and razors.  The most interesting out of the bunch are the several cellphones that he’s managed to steampunk.

It appears his specialty is with Nokia phones since all of the phones he’s managed to steampunk appear to be Nokia phones.  Each one of the phones look very different from the rest.  They’re all fully functioning despite their antique appearance.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that these are up for sale, but it might be possible to contact the designer to have something like this made for you.  That is if you have a whole lot of cash that you’re willing to spend.

Source: Neatorama

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