Panasonic Hearing instruments have arrived Stateside

Panasonic Hearing instruments have finally made their way to the US, where a trio of digital hearing instruments will debut in this part of the world. They will also come in a new form factor which resembles the style of an MP3 player, and will feature a receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear models to boot. These were specially designed for the patient while delivering features, convenience and performance requested by hearing care professionals and their patients. Not only that, they shed the tag that hearing instruments are outdated and ugly, since this batch will come in an attractive design, and is comfortable to wear, easy to use and have a unique circuit design for high performance and long battery life.

Panasonic’s JZ Series will kick off the range with a style that resembles an MP3 player to keep up with the times. This is a palm-sized unit that comes with an LCD display and a stereo binaural headset (earphone with microphones), and can be worn for hours on end comfortably without inducing any headache whatsoever. Perfect for individuals with dexterity challenges, impaired vision and those with situational hearing loss, it will come with a Scene Select function that allows the user to view the listening modes on the LCD screen while choosing the most appropriate mode based upon the surrounding environment from a quartet of different modes available. A rechargeable battery heolps you make the most of this unit, but you can also rely on AAA batteries if there isn’t a power outlet nearby to juice it up.

As for the Panasonic 4-Series, this will be a Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) digital hearing instrument which is the smallest among the three. It will feature a stylish waveform design, and you can wear it discreetly behind your ear thanks to its diminutive size. It will target patients with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Last but not least would be the Panasonic 2-Series, a Standard Behind-the-Ear (BTE) digital hearing instrument which will integrate Panasonic’s advanced digital signal processing technologies, targeting those who suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss.

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