Apricorn to release EZ Writer II ultra-portable Dual Layer DVD burner

Do you happen to own a netbook that you absolutely love, but there is just one thing which bugs you – it lacks an optical disc drive that could make it harder than usual to install new programs? Well, there is also the other problem of not being able to burn copies of data from your netbook simply because the netbook itself lacks an optical disc drive! Apricorn aims to solve this problem by offering their very own EZ Writer II ultra-portable Dual Layer DVD burner. This useful peripheral will come with its own integrated USB cable that makes it all the more enticing – it means you no longer need to tote around another cable on your travels, and since it is bus-powered, you will also save on a power adapter when moving around.

The Apricorn EZ Writer II will also do the standard DVD and CD playback as and when the need arises, tipping the scales at a mere 11.7 oz while coming in a black gloss finish and sleek, slim-line design. Not only that, it is easy on your pockets at $54 (after a $25 mail-in rebate). Just in case you were wondering how its built-in USB cable looks like, it will fit securely in a concealed groove when not in use to make its transportation a whole lot easier in your notebook bag. Thanks to its Dual Layer recording engine, the user can record up to 8.5GB of data per DVD, which is more than enough for today’s needs unless you’re one who deals with Blu-ray sized chunks of data – that’s a totally different story altogether then.

Each purchase of the EZ Writer II will be accompanied by a 1-year warranty, where it will also include two leading CD/DVD software programs for burning and playing DVDs, and a USB Y-cable for additional juice if the situation calls for it.

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