T-Fal Digital Toaster

by Ally

This toaster is definitely making my toaster look bad.  I really thought I was doing pretty good, mine even has buttons for bagels and frozen items.  Sadly it turns out that my shiny metal toaster is getting behind on the times thanks to T-Fal feeling the need to show off.  Not only do they have the buttons I adore, but they also have added an LCD screen.

They have the usual buttons, but they have some added ones that could come in handy.  Things like defrost and reheat are a little new to me.  Although I can’t really think of an instance that I’ve needed a reheat function.  The toaster shown here is $34.95 through Cooking, but that’s not the only Digital Toaster that T-Fal has fixed up.  They also have a longer one that will accommodate 4 slices of bread and it’s not much more.  To get the larger one it’s only $39.95.

Source: ChipChick

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