Kodak Pulse extends size to 10-inches

Kodak’s Pulse digital photo frame has grown up, this time round extending its display size to a good 10-inches so that every single generation in your family will need not squint any more whenever they want to see their favorite family moments in your living room. This new 10-inch frame is touted to hit the market this coming fall, retailing for $199.95 – pretty pricey for some people, especially when you consider all it does is loop image after image. Of course, it consumes a whole lot less juice compared to your regular projector, and if budget is your concern, you can always purchase the 7-inch model of the Pulse. Features of both devices will come with Wi-Fi connectivity for easy file transfer, a customizable email address for you to email recently snapped photos to the Pulse directly to keep it updated in real-time. Not only that, it can be connected to Facebook and Kodak Gallery photo albums in an easy set-up procedure without the need to go through pesky software installation procedures. Seems to be a decent gift for the upcoming holiday season, especially if you have a sentimental lot you call family.

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2 thoughts on “Kodak Pulse extends size to 10-inches”

  1. Looks really nice, but pricy to boot!!
    Hopefully, the price will drop in time!

    Actually, hukiworld, Kodak is an innovator when it comes to technology. Don’t know where they stole this idea from, If they did!
    They were one of the first companies to release Digital Photo Frames and others soon followed!!

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