T-Shirt shop has life-sized Lego Car

by Mark R

I have made a lot of Lego cars in my day, but this is the first Lego car that one could drive.

Some guy decided that he wanted to drive one of his Lego cars, so he went and built one using gigantic Lego bricks.

This is one of those times where I wish my Source had a lot more information about this than it does. We do know that the car is based on the original style Mini. See the sign of “Artwork” scrawled on the side? This is the name of a T-shirt shop in Manila, The Philippines, which apparently owns this Lego car.

The first thing I would ask is if the car could be changed around with big enough bricks. I can see some parts like the windshield wipers, headlights, bumper, and license plate which are genuine auto parts, but is the rest interchangeable Lego pieces? I would have found some fire-engine red pieces and made myself a Chevy Camaro or something. With a little bit of restructuring, this could be the next step in modular cars.

Of course, if I had to chose, I would probably choose a car made up of hundreds of thousands of pieces. Of course, can you make an engine made of Lego for something like that?


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