Cable Robot Cable Organizer

Buying things to organize your cables has to be the most boring shopping trip out there.  You’re just stuck staring at such bland options and most of the time it’s stuff that’s not going to be seen anyway.  However, if you have some cords you need kept together, but will be visible you might want to pick up this cute little robot.  It’ll keep your wires under control, but won’t be quite as boring as your other options.

The robot is more a half of a robot than a full robot.  He’s there from the waist up and uses his arms to keep your cables under control.  Those long arms can bend and wrap around a pretty thick chunk of cords.  It’s obviously just a simple robot made of rubber with nothing but a little wire running through the inside allowing for you to bend him in all different directions.  To pick one up it’ll only cost you $3.95 through the Neatoshop.

Source: Gizmodiva

1 thought on “Cable Robot Cable Organizer”

  1. Most people still won’t notice it’s a robot. Still boring and waste of money. Really want something to organize your wires and really cheap but colorful? Use colored rubber bands- cut them and tie them to wires, done!

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