To the blogmobile!

I must confess, if I were single, had no kids, and wanted to travel the nation and blog, then this would be my vehicle of choice.

This is the Bufalino, and it is based on the Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeled vehicle. Designer Cornelius Comanns apparently went out of his way to put all sorts of drawers and even a place to sleep. There is even a terrific place to sit with your laptop. It does look a little cramped, though.

Still, any sort of mobile home where all I would need is a regular-sized parking place would be pretty great. All I would need is now is a non-pay toilet and some free Wi-Fi, and I’ve got a brand new life.

Of course, I do like having the life that I do now, and I think I am too old to do that whole Jack Kerouac On The Road thing. However, when I was in my twenties, blogging (as we know it) didn’t exist. I know that shows my age with that particular comment.

For all those who would be interested in driving or living in one of these, I don’t have any information about how to attain one of these vehicles as yet.


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