Bananas Apebot to entertain kids (and adults)


Want to get aboard the robot revolution bandwagon? Let the Bananas Apebot help you out – boasting technological pedigree from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, it relies on a special method of locomotion to enable it to balance on its spiraling arms, resulting in exceptional speed and power on carpet, hardwood, or even dirt. The Bananas Apebot is also full well capable of amusing itself via tap dancing, humming a song, and occasionally breaking wind – perfect for those who want a gag gift. Of course, just like any other human being, should its sleep be disturbed or if it is tipped over, the rambunctious simian “goes bananas” so to speak, exhibiting aggresive behavior like the pounding of fists, flashing of laser eyes and roaring menacingly – the only way to calm it down would be through a belly tickle. The Bananas Apebot runs off eight AA batteries with another 3 AAA batteries required for the remote control. We believe even adults will find its $79.95 agreeable.

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