Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale

If you’ve been considering getting a more serious scale that gives you more information, this pretty pink scale would be a nice change from the bland colors you usually see.  Of course, for those of you that prefer those neutral colors, this scale comes in those colors as well.  In addition to being brightly colored it’ll also give you some extra info to help you figure out if you need to work harder at your weight or not.

The Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale measures your Body Mass Index in seconds.  It’ll give you a much more accurate analysis as to how you’re doing.  After all, muscle weighs a whole lot more than fat, so some might not be doing as badly as they think.  The scale is also capable of storing information for up to four users.  There’s also a guest function so that anyone can hop onto it.  This comes in chrome as well as steel versions.  You can pick one up for $89.95.

Source:  SlipperyBrick

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  1. Why do people still buy scales to see if their doing good or not? Best weigh to see if your trimming your waistline is by wearing your favorite pants you no longer fit into because those will not lie. Fat is heavier than fat so scales have always been discriminating till now with scales like this but as I said, you only need a pair of pants you want to fit into… It’s cheaper and more accurate than ANY hi-tech scale will ever be. With $89 I’d rather buy me three pair of pants or one awesome set of shoes- fu#! this scale!

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