VuQube VQ3000 delivers mobile TV services just about anywhere


You know you’re a TV addict when you just can’t get your mind off the latest episode of your favorite TV series, even when you’re attending to something important like surgery of a state dignitary, or perhaps even when you’re supposed to give a speech that will galvanize the rest of your company into becoming the best there is. If such an addiction cannot be weaned off, you might want to consider skipping this post as reading about the VuQube VQ3000 certainly will not help you in your quest to quell the TV addict monster within you. After all, the VuQube VQ3000 is touted to be the first fully automatic, light-weight, self-contained, portable satellite system with in-motion capability, where it promises to deliver uninterrupted satellite TV reception regardless of which part of the US you are at. Sounds like a dream, eh? Well, you’ve still got to make sure that there is a display for you to watch, so don’t jump for joy yet as we know that many remote areas still lack basic amenities such as power plugs. Ah well, I’ll stop being a killjoy now and espouse the wonders of the VuQube VQ3000 in the extended post.

WIth the VuQube VQ3000, you certainly won’t mind playing the part of the backseat passenger as it is also able to boast in-motion satellite tracking ability that theoretically speaking, ought to provide continuous signal even when you’re driving (or being driven). Thanks to its self-contained design and weather resistant enclosure, the unit remains safe and sound from all of the elements out there. Should you happen to be parked under a tree, you can always remove the unit from the quick-release bracket and move it under the open sky (while taking the opportunity to call your friends back home on what a wonderful vacation you’re having at the moment). This self-install kit also enables one to secure the unit to an RV ladder without increasing the overall height.

The VuQube VQ3000 will play nice with Dish Network, DirecTV and BellTV and long as there is juice available, and will retail for$1,699.

Source: Gizmag

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Neagle Says: August 17, 2010 at 8:58 pm

The VQ2000 delivers the same package minus the In-motion tracking capability of the VQ3000 for a price of $658.00. If you live in a condo or an apartment with a balcony this could be a low profile solution to your satellite needs.

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