Tablecloth pulling trick comes to a video game form

by Mark R

You know that trick that magicians can do where they pull the tablecloth from under a fully set dining room table and the dishes stay there?

How would you like to do that as a video game? This is The Tablecloth Hour, a standup game that was installed at the Taito Station in Shibuya. All you need to do is yank it like a magician would, and it matches a virtual tablecloth that has a virtual set table.

Okay, this is the time where I talk about the tablecloth trick, and how I don’t know how it is done. I remember hearing that it uses magnets on the table and the dishes, but this video game seems to imply that it is all in the pull.

I suppose that this video game is a trend in video games that are more interactive. I wonder if you could make this into a Kinect game, and remove the tablecloth altogether. Better yet, just make it into a Wii game and use the Wiimote as the object to pull.

Considering that most stand-up video games have gone the way of the dinosaur, you have to put this on a console. I don’t know if a mobile version of The Tablecloth Hour would work, though. Perhaps there isn’t an app for this.


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