Pedal-Powered Submarine, the Scubster

Nothing like personal submarines to make me dream of a wonderful underwater playland. We’ve covered a lot of them in the past like the Marion Hyper-sub powerboat, the Nautilus VAS Luxury submersible, even Richard Branson’s underwater plane, the Nymph.

The last one was a yellow submarine that two people could live in. This yellow one is built for one, but it is unique because it is pedal powered.

Granted, I do not know how in the world it can dive or surface, but it can reach a depth of 20 feet. It is called the Scubster, but I don’t know if it is pronounced like Scoob-ster or a word that rhymes with scrub-ster, but it can go at 6 miles per hour.

You might not think that a vessel that goes 6 miles per hour and only 20 feet underwater is worth it. However, if you are willing to put this in a shallow area of the ocean, I would imagine that you might have some fun.

I wonder what would happen if you took this into water that is deeper than 20 feet. Would it sink down and never come back? You will also note that the driver has to wear some scuba gear. I can’t tell if the driver is underwater or not.


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