Inkless Metal Pen

Inkless pens are one way of cutting down on buying new pens and pencils all of the time.  This cool little pen has absolutely no ink and will last for a lifetime.  It’s not the first inkless pen to be created, actually it’s a very old concept.  It’s just a new design of an old idea.  However, looking at this pen there’s nothing ancient about it, it actually looks extremely modern if anything.

This version of the inkless pen features a nice stainless steel barrel on it.  The tip itself is made of lead, which yes can be a dangerous material.  However, in this particular case you’d have to ingest quite a bit of it to actually succeed in causing any damage.  The tip will write on both regular paper and glossy paper.  It won’t actually mark on your clothing though, so you won’t need a cap to protect your clothing from getting accidentally smudged.  The marks of this pen look like pencil, but won’t smudge and are permanent.  If you don’t like the tip being as broad as it is, then you can take a piece of sandpaper to it.  The Inkless Metal Pen can be purchased for $27.95 through Vat 19.

Source: Gizmodiva

5 thoughts on “Inkless Metal Pen”

  1. POS – waste of money. doesn’t work. i have to apply so much pressure to get any kind of distinctive line on the paper that it rips the paper – POS

  2. 1. An inkless stylus that lays down a thin layer of lead from a solid core is not a pen, it is a pencil.

    2. There’s a reason why they don’t use actual lead in pencils, because you have to press down excessively hard, like jon pointed out.

  3. 1. it uses an alloy core that contains almost no lead what so ever.

    2. I have bought these for myself and a gift for my multiple brothers and we all use them with no problem. Excess pressure is not needed whats so ever

  4. and 3. They refer to it as a pen because it’s a permanent writing utensil that can not be erased, unlike a pencil

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