AIMEC robot child

by Mark R

This is Tony and Judie Ellis, and they don’t have a child. Instead, they have a robot that they created.

If you are having flashbacks from that 2001 Steven Spielberg film A.I., then you are not alone. However, the robot AIMEC is no Haley Joel Osment. (Whatever happened to him, by the way?)

No, Tony and Judie Ellis have a robotics company called Conceptioneering from out of their house, and they are testing AIMEC as a toy. They expect to have it out within two years.

Yeah, this isn’t some couple that wants to adopt a robot instead of a real kid. That’s probably weird.

The robot itself has some interesting features. For example, it can snore while it sleeps and wakes up by stretching. By the way, it also do robot voices like C-3PO. I don’t know what else this robot can do, but it does have arms. Perhaps it can clean up ones room. It looks like it has wheels on the bottom of it, so don’t count on it taking a flight of stairs.

Hopefully, they will have some more features on this thing by the time of its release. They expect it to be for a low price of about $300.


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