Audiovox introduces new Audiovox Portable DVD Player with FLO TV


With the advent of portable media players such as the super popular iPod family from Apple alongside Microsoft’s attempt to break into the market with their Zune range, it goes without saying that portable DVD players are pretty outdated and outclassed in comparison. Of course, while it might have the advantage in screen size, it isn’t able to mount a decent challenge when it comes to portability and convenience, as you will still need to carry around physical DVDs just in case your kids are not happy with your show of choice that you pick out for them. Audiovox circumvents this potentially tricky situation that might just drive you up the wall with their latest 7-inch Portable DVD Player with FLO TV.

The Audiovox Portable DVD Player with FLO TV enables consumers to watch epic moments on live and time-shifted TV shows, and whenever there isn’t anything interesting on the portable idiot box, there is always the option to chill with their favorite DVDs while on the go. You will not only be able to enjoy high-quality picture and audio features, it’s built-in rechargeable battery ought to provide adequate juice for your portable entertainment needs. Other hardware specifications include stereo speakers and a 7-inch diagonal 16 x 9 wide screen display. The FLO TV service will offer a delectable variety of programmes, including children’s programming (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon); live sports and breaking news (CNN Mobile, FOX News Channel). Since the FLO TV service is delivered over America’s largest dedicated mobile TV network, you will not have any issues such as buffering or limited bandwidth, enjoying a hassle-free viewing experience instead.

The Audiovox DFL 710, as it is known by its model number, is now available at select Best Buy store locations. You will need to fork out $199.99 for this, where it will come included with a limited time offer for a three-month pre-paid subscription to the FLO TV service. This service is required to be activated by 10/16/2010 to receive three-month pre-paid subscription, so do keep this in mind if you decide to bring one of these puppies home.

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