LEGO TECHNIC Motorized Excavator


Love building stuff of your own? The LEGO TECHNIC Motorized Excavator should not only be able to satisfy you, but your child as well. Of course, for something as complex as this, we would not expect him or her to be that young, but rather, at least 12 years old and above. After all, making a $199.99 purchase decision is never going to be easy for anyone especially in this day and age. When completed, what you get would be a fully remote controlled excavator that features double remote controls tracks which are able to run back and forth, alongside an arm which can be raised and lowered, carrying a shovel to dig. The cabin also works like the real deal, spinning a cool 360 degrees. The entire set comes with 1,123 LEGO pieces, so make sure you have a decent sized container to store everything. For more bang for your buck, it can also be rebuilt into a Tracked Loader.

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