Haier Dry-Erase Refrigerator

by Ally

Two great things to pick up for every college student is a mini fridge and a dry-erase board.  Then again those are items that could come in very handy later on in life as well.  Instead of having a dry-erase board and a mini fridge, you might as well pick up a mini fridge that can double as a dry erase board.  Thankfully there is this tiny affordable fridge that’s already up for sale in time for school to start.

It looks just like an ordinary mini fridge.  It looks so similar that you might start an epidemic of people writing on normal fridges in hopes that they’ll be just as erasable.  With this fridge you could write yourself out notes or leave a note for your roommate that you’re out of a certain refrigerated item.  The 1.7 Cu Ft fridge can be purchased for $99.99 through Meijer.

Source: ChipChick

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