Glass-Bottom Hot Air Balloon ride lets you walk on air

by Mark R

I realize that glass bottom boat tours can be pretty fun, but this is the first time that I have seen this concept be applied on a aircraft.

I’m going to assume that an ordinary plane (or even extraordinary plane) can’t land with a glass bottom. I mean, it would shatter on touchdown! I don’t think this rule applies to a hot air balloon.

Christian Brown, the creator of this new type of transportation, says that it is a “terrifying experience” and “not for the feint of heart”. You think so?

Even Christian Brown believes this thing is scary, and he has 18 years of flying experience. He has also traveled around the world in a balloon with Sir Richard Branson, and holds the tethered altitude world record at 10,000 feet.

This was designed to fly over the Alps, and I’m sure the view is breathtaking. The glass-bottom hot air balloon appeared at the 2010 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Man, would I love to try this. Then again, get me high in the air on it, and we’ll see how much I love it. Its one thing to want the latest thrill, and it’s another thing to actually experience it. Of course, a quick landing might be the scariest thing.


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