Mini Risers keep it simple

by Ally

My all time favorite accessories always seem to be the incredibly simple solutions.  The ones you really feel like you should have been smart enough to come up with on your own, but didn’t.  These Mini Risers are one of those items.  They don’t go overboard with big fans that you don’t always need.  Instead they just simply raise up your laptop to allow for all of that hot air to escape.

Truthfully, my laptop does get hot like most laptops out there, but I’ve never felt like it was really enough for me to rush out and buy an electronic laptop stand with dual fans.  I’ve had laptops before that need their own window air conditioner, but for my current one these Mini Risers would work perfectly.  If you think those little wire things will sit awkwardly in your laptop bag, you should check out their product site.  They have a picture that shows the perfect way to carry it without taking up extra space.  These come in a total of 10 colors, some falling in the subtle category while others go for that eye popping effect.  You can purchase these in sets of 2 for all of $7.95.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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