Intersecting Slot Car And Train Set


Buses and trains, cars and trucks. These are all favorite playthings for children, so why not get your holiday shopping done earlier this year with the Intersecting Slot Car And Train Set? It isn’t going to be cheap, mind you, burning a cool $299.95 in your pocket in the process, but at least this racing toy will bring together the throttle-happy thrill of a slot car set alongside the steady lumbering of a train set. Thanks to the track’s single intersection, it enables racers to replay that ever tense situation of beating the train to avoid high-velocity impacts, and it will require an innate sense of timing for your competitor to remain stranded at the crossing until the train passes. Hand-trigger controllers will be used to tear around the track’s seven curves, where one of them even includes a 180º hairpin turn for added challenge. The train itself comprises of a locomotive with a working headlight, four freight cars, and a caboose, and it can also move forward and reverse using the included transformer/controller. Each purchase comes with 11 pieces of track for slot car set, 15 pieces for the train set. Looks like kids aren’t the only ones to have fun with this…

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