GE Visible You makes you a dancing skeleton

This is GE Visible You, on display at the Shanghai Expo. As you can see, it can help the user to act out their body as a living X-ray.

I’m sure that you’re probably wondering how this could be, as X-rays create a lot of harmful radiation. No, think of this like an application of the Microsoft Kinect. (Oh, a Kinect App, is there such a thing? Will there be?) As far as I know, it has nothing to do with the Kinect, though.

All the user has to do is stand in front of it, and it somehow reads you like a scanner and turn you into a moving skeleton. By the way, it can also scan you and give you a simulation of your muscular system and cardiovascular system. Of course, even though this is a real-time scan, don’t count on it finding any tumors.

Yes, I suppose this is one step closer to the X-ray screens that we saw in the movie Total Recall. They might be good at finding a gun, but I look forward to it when it can quickly find medical problems.

Until then, I hope that GE can somehow manufacture these things, and then put them in amusement parks or something. I wouldn’t mind letting one of these things scan me so I can see my interior organs on display.


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