Digi-Bike to raise awareness on leaving valuables aside

If you hang around in Las Vegas for a few minutes, you’ll see these “billboard trucks” that serve no purpose other than to drive around with a giant-sized advertisement. They usually have pretty girls on them, for reasons that I won’t bother to explain here.

Apparently, this is the same purpose of the Digi-bike. Don’t ask me why it is called a bike, because it is a four-wheeled contraption. Perhaps Digi-wagon could be a better description.

The Digi-bike is some sort of weird contraption with a digital billboard with one purpose, as far as I know. It is designed to reduce the number of robberies in Dudley, UK.

Apparently, the billboard gives to raise awareness among people carrying valuables. Considering I once left my camera behind in a booth at E3, I would appreciate a friendly reminder. By the way, my camera was returned to me, and I’m assuming that it has nothing to do with this style of reminding.

So far, the plan for the Digi-bike will include coverage for Castlegate Leisure Park, Russells Hall Hospital car park, the zoo, the bus station, and the Tesco store at Burnt Tree Island.

I can’t help but wonder what else you can use the Digi-Bike for besides advertising. Maybe you can think of something.


3 thoughts on “Digi-Bike to raise awareness on leaving valuables aside”

  1. This is so stupid. The idea must have come from a liberal. It will do nothing except give the criminals a quick laugh. Crime is reduced when the good citizens are armed with a gun and they tell the thug to f*ck off.

  2. Perhaps a slightly larger version could be used at theme parks, which have small lockers on the sides, in which could be stored said valuables.
    If the vehicles travelled in a roundabout route, you could deposit your un-needed goods while enjoying the fairs, or sights of a town, and then pick up your goods after a few hours.

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