Laser Backpack can scan interiors in 3D

by Mark R

Just to let you know, this man isn’t some new intern at the Ghostbusters. He is wearing a prototype of a room-scanning backpack.

Yes, it is heavy, but this UC Berkley project is downright useful. It has a lot of lasers and cameras on it, and the wearer can walk down a hall, stairs, or even caves and use the data to generate a really quick 3D model. It essentially is one of those satellite mapping programs but can do indoors instead of outdoors.

I believe that one of the purposes of this device is to map out interiors easily, and it would be a very useful tool for making 3D video games. So, the next time Tomb Raider has to run with guns through Croft Manor, the interior shots can be done with this device.

I find this quote from my source quite disturbing:

One day, you’ll have a little pack of sensors on your belt. And, as you walk inside buildings, you collect data about everything. Every location in the universe, both indoors and outdoors will eventually be mapped and we’ll have it all online. So, without ever going anywhere, you can see what everybody’s interior looks like.

I suppose that I support the belt-sized unit of this, but I don’t know if I want every area in the universe to be mapped. Do you really need to know what posters your neighbor has on his or her wall? Plus, I like going to places even though I can see them on the computer.


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hukiworld Says: August 12, 2010 at 9:19 am

I agree with Jesse and Jamie 100% and Jesse is correct, you will NOT be allowed to view the true interior of your neighbor’s home. Maybe a map or 3D image but not an actual real-time realistic image of everything inside, that would be unconstitutional period as it would be an invasion of privacy and I could see the lawsuits there lol!

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