Control4 rolls out dedicated in-wall touch screens


Heard of Control4 before? Well, the company is now a leader in affordable IP-based control and entertainment systems, where they have recently announced a new generation of dedicated in-wall touch screens. We’re talking about the Control4 InfinityEdge Touch Screens here, where it will be available in 5” and 7” sizes while boasting edge-to-edge capacitive glass and a low profile design. The 5” and 7” models will retail for $599 and $899, respectively, where both the InfinityEdge Touch Screens will also offer intercom capability that is optional, where it will cost another $499 for a license.

One of the reasons to introduce the InfinityEdge Touch Screens would be to deliver affordable home control solutions which enables home owners to access their Control4 system from just about every room in the house. We aren’t talking about a castle or mansion here though, so bear in mind that an average sized house or apartment is the median that we’re referring to. Having said that, Control4 InfinityEdge Touch Screens will deliver intuitive, fingertip control of lights, music, climate, entertainment and security systems. Thanks to edge-to-edge capacitive glass, they deliver the full functionality of Control4 OS 2.0, which includes a new flash-based user interface and the ability to access and extend Control4 system capabilities with apps from the 4Store Application Marketplace. If you decided to go for the whole works and get the intercom capability as well, it lets you monitor rooms, communicate between rooms, or to broadcast messages to multiple InfinityEdge touch screens under the same roof.

You will be able to opt between AC power or Power Over Ethernet (PoE) to keep the screens juiced up, but the latter is more environmentally friendly. Apart from that, you also have a choice of wired or Wi-Fi connectivity options and four programmable buttons which will cater for customized commands, making the InfinityEdge Touch Screens a whole lot more flexible. Since both the 5” and 7” models share the same back-box, it lets you change to a different model at any time you like.

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forest Says: August 11, 2010 at 7:54 pm

FAIL. $600 – $900 for a slate type touch screen that can control your appliances, security system etc… Why on earth would somebody spend this kind of money when they could just mount ipads or android slates for a fraction of the price that can do exactly the same thing, plus you can pull them off the wall and play games, watch movies or read the news in between all that house controlling?

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